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our finest drops

With potato, we follow a 200-year-old tradition of making vodka not just from grain but from potatoes. Potato vodka differs from vodka made of cereals by its mild character and its light sweetness. Special Hermes potatoes, which have a high starch content, are the basis for KARTOFF vodka, gin and hazelnut vodka.

KARTOFF PHANTOM Exclusive Edition

KARTOFF Vodka was stored in a barrel of the most famous red wine in Austria “DAS PHANTOM”. Its fine taste has thus flavored with the delicate drops of the noble red wine cuvée. A berry touch of wine and a pinch of vanilla have created a tasty, balanced product.


This vodka unfolds through its years of oak wood storage, a wide range of impressive tastes. Its soft touch merges with a pronounced woody taste. He gets his sensual nuance by a subtle vanilla tone and a slight sweetness.