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Owes its reputation to premium quality. It is in a class by itself, as it is one of the few produced exclusively from potatoes.
The potatoes used to make KARTOFF are grown in a limited area of north-eastern Austria where the soil is loamy and the climate is milder than in other parts of the country.

The potatoes are selected and brought to the distillery, where they
become crushed, yeast and water is added.

The fermented mash is than put through a multi-stage-distillation
colon andis distilled for several time.

Only the heart of the distillation is used for the best quality of
potato Vodka, Then special ingredients according to the distiller´s closely guarded traditional recipe are added.

The mild character and the light sweetness give KARTOFF VODKA
its special note, which is only the peculiar vodkas of potatoes.

KARTOFF VODKA has no equal for making martinis, serving on the rocks, and above all drinking NEAT – very well chilled (to about 3/272 C and never more than 1/272 C) and served in frosted shot glasses kept in the freezer. You can hardly think of a better companion to caviar or smoked salmon hors d `oeuvres

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